Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Safe and Efficient Law Enforcement Agencies

It's important to Lingo Consulting that law enforcement agencies operate as safely and efficiently as possible. Law enforcement is a tough profession, and it is absolutely vital that we help protect those who work so hard to protect our communities.

We assist in this effort by offering intelligence products that allow agents to quickly identify offenders and locations actively involved in illegal drug trafficking activity.

Data Prioritization

Lingo Consulting puts data at the forefront of community supervision operations. Our service and training increases expediency for supervising agents and minimizes human error.

The tools we provide foster a positive relationship between law enforcement agencies and the community, build trust, and ensure fairness and competency.

Our Vision

healthy community Reintegration

We envision a future where communities are safer, healthier, and more productive. In this future, pressure on the corrections system is relieved by programs - such as supervision and electronic monitoring - that allow nonviolent drug offenders to be confidently released back into society.

Participation in these programs gives the offender a second chance to provide for their family via legal employment and avoid the destructive side effects that incarceration places on families – all while assuring the community that repeat criminal activity will be brought to justice.