White Paper

The Lingo Difference

Lingo Consulting is the first known company in Pennsylvania to use proprietary pattern analysis on location data gathered from electronic monitoring systems, or GPS devices, for two express purposes:

  1. To enhance supervisory agents' efficiency by providing accurate intelligence reports that can be acted on quickly by the agent

  2. To preserve community safety by identifying:

a) offenders who are dealing illicit drugs

b) potential stash houses

There are many companies who provide analysis reports on crime "hot spots" or will generate offender risk assessments using GPS location data, but in most cases, this information is not specific enough to the individual offender to warrant timely or immediate action on the part of the supervising agent.

Our Method

Our methodology has been field tested and refined in the City of Pittsburgh, PA, leading to a dozen offender arrests. Our algorithms rely purely on location data input to identify suspicious behavior, which ensures the best possible elimination of bias. Race, gender, sexual orientation, income level, nationality, and other potential avenues for prejudice are eliminated from any consideration in our method. The data we use speaks for itself- we just present it in a way that is easier for LEOs to utilize. You can have confidence that our reports are thorough and complete.

Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • Truly repentant offenders should be given the chance to earn back society’s trust by proving they can reintegrate into society.

  • Communities deserve to feel and be safe and protected by an efficient, effective, and fair criminal justice system.

  • Strong and effective supervision agencies maximize their usage of every available legal resource, including private companies. The criminal justice system is relying more on evidence-based practice, but more research and development is crucial to improving the interactions between law enforcement and individuals.

  • As a government contractor, we are beholden to the same communities that put their trust in our clients, and we do not take our responsibilities lightly. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the information they need to operate efficiently and secure community safety.

The Case for Increased Supervision

As the statistics roll in for 2020, we’re seeing a disturbing rise in violence all over the country. More inmates were released in 2020 on parole than have been in a long time due to the pandemic.

This is a major problem, because probation/parole offices haven’t had a chance to staff up and were already overwhelmed. Parolees slip through the cracks and especially in the midst of an opioid epidemic, we can’t afford to allow drug dealers to continue dealing when we have the means to help prevent this behavior.

Here at Lingo Consulting, we also strongly believe in giving nonviolent offenders a chance to prove they can be law-abiding citizens. Taxpayers shovel out about $50 - $100 a day to house an inmate in jail, whereas a judge can put them on GPS monitoring for a fraction of that cost, providing significant savings to the community.

An offender on parole has the opportunity to be employed, connect with their family/support network, and get away from “the life”. Without a GPS tracking device and a reliable analytics process, parolees/probationers get lost in the shuffle and struggle to get the support they need to make it on the outside. Supervising agents appreciate our services because they are expected to be social workers as well as detectives, but we can help shoulder the “detective” portion of their duties.