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Smarter Analytics Means Better Use of Time

Most GPS hardware companies offer some sort of basic analytics, typically only showing inclusion/exclusion zones and curfew limits.

However, Lingo Consulting goes beyond the basics to give parole and probation agents detailed insights into offenders' movement patterns via our own software and field experience. Logging technical infractions isn't enough - smart criminals can avoid detection by keeping up appearances.

By utilizing our services, supervising agents can reduce the amount of time they spend monitoring a high-risk individual so that the rest of their caseload is not neglected. We let agents focus on being a positive influence for those high-risk cases while we do the grunt work to keep the bad guys honest.

What We'll Do for you

What We Do

Our software aids us in our analysis of GPS location data obtained from the electronic ankle monitors that parolees wear. We establish a pattern of movements from the data and present our findings to the supervising agent in a clear, concise report which can be used as evidence to support warrants, seizures, and arrests.

If an individual is involved in dealing drugs, we can quickly identify them and their stash house via their movement patterns. The data we use is anonymized to eliminate possible bias. The speed in which our reports are generated and sent to the supervising agent allows the agent to remove them from the streets almost immediately. This lowers risk to both the offender (overdose deaths, gang violence) and to the community, overall helping to maintain offender, officer, and community safety.

Our Guarantee

We back our findings 100%. This method has already been proven in Pennsylvania courts, and part of our consulting services includes the verification that this analysis is also accepted as legal evidence in your court system. Our goal is to help your office be more efficient and put its time and resources where they're most needed. The problem of lowering recidivism rates is a multi-faceted issue with many different approaches and solutions, but ours is a reality right here and now.

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